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Book, Music and Lyrics by Chan Poling
Directed and Choreographed by Myron Johnson
Lighting Designed by Michael Murnane
Stage Managed by Donna Bachman *
Scenic Designs by Little & Co.
Costumes Coordinated by Stephanie Fellner
Jennifer Leigh Warren As Maggie/Venus
With Joel Liestman As Harry
Jody Briskey As Jo
Shawn Hamilton As Damon
Ian Holcomb As Troy
Lisa Conlin, Stephanie Fellner, Zhauna Franks, Vance Holmes, Amy Lithander and Emily Rose Skinner
Music Arrangements by Gregory Theisen
Music Direction by Anita Ruth and Sanford Moore
Band: Sanford Moore, Steve Roehm, Brian Roessler, Dan Schwartz and Gregory Theisen
Sound Engineer – Doug Livesay
Light Board Operator – Kristin Larsen
Special thanks to Andrew Saboe, Clearwing and Macy’s Events.

2009 © Michal Daniel